FP7 - Essential Information

The 7th Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Union runs from 2007-2013 and has a total budget of €54 billion. FP7 includes funding opportunities for Social Sciences and the Humanities, and for the first time promotes basic research via the European Research Council (ERC).

To participate in FP7 it is important to be well informed about developments in your sector. We therefore recommend registering for our E-Alerts. You will receive up-to-date information about  'Calls', 'News' and 'Events' according to the areas of interest selected.  

The current Framework Programme covers a wide range of research activities and topics:

  • Basic Research (via the European Research Council and Marie Curie Fellowships; 25% of the total budget)
  • Applied Research (Collaborative projects, e.g. in Life Sciences, Social Sciences etc.)


Please note that Partners from non-EU countries  which are also not associated with the Framework programme, can also participate; however partners from  industrial countries  (USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc.) will usually not receive funding.

Details about an activity (application rules, deadlines, research topics funded) can be found in the relevant Work Programme.


Tip: Register as an Expert for project evaluation and receive first-hand experience of the evaluation procedure. 


There are Funding Schemes from several EC Directorate Generals (DG) which are not part of FP7  e.g.: From DG SANCO (Health and Consumer Affairs) or eContentPlus "(from DG INFSO (Information Society and Media)) as well as EuropeAid, LIFE+.
In general Swiss organisations are not eligible to participate. However the "rules for participation" from the relevant call should be consulted.