Research Topics

FP7 offers a broad range of funding opportunities:

- Top-down (pre-defined) research topics: see Work Programmes  "COOPERATION" and "CAPACITIES"

- Bottom-up (no pre-defined topics): see Work Programmes "IDEAS" and  "PEOPLE".

as well as specialised programmes like:

- Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs) as Public Private Partnerships

- ERA-NET and Joint Programmes which aim to co-ordinate national research programmes on a European level (see also NETWATCH - platform on transnational R&D programme collaboration)


NCP Letters 2013 / Calendars



• Health:

• Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology: 

• Information and Communication Technologies: 

• Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies:

• Energy: ...

• Environment (including climate change):

• Transport (including Aeronautics): ...

• Socio-economic sciences and Humanities:

• Security:

• Space: 



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• ERC:



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