Budget - Uni Basel

The University Basel uses the following method to calculate indirect costs: 
Specific flat rate (flat-rate of 60% of the total direct eligible costs).


The grants tool (www.grants.unibas.ch) includes several different calculation schemes with which the costs for personnel, overhead, VAT and other project costs can be calculated. When the project is successfully funded, the data from the grants tool can be transferred directly to the Drittmittel tool (www.drittmittel.unibas.ch).
If you have question about FP7 budgets please contact EUresearch Basel or the Finance & Controlling Department.

Mrs Julia Oberfell from Finance & Controlling is responsible for the management accounting of FP7 projects. She is happy to help with any queries concerning FP7 Budgets.

Here are a few points to consider:

  • Charging the costs of permanent staff to the project, can relieve the groups accounts (Kostenstelle). However time sheets must be completed.
  • Costs for the preparation of financial reports (Financial Statement) by the Finance & Controlling department will reach a maximum of 2% of the total direct costs budgeted for the whole project - however also not more than € 3'000 per year.
  • If your grant is more than EUR 375'000, you will require one or more Certificate of Financial Statements which should be budgeted for under Management activities  (new as of November 2012: EUR 3'000 per certificate).
  • With regards to the activity Demonstration please note that only 50% of the total costs will be funded by the EC. Please contact Mrs Eva Kramer, Finance & Controlling, if demonstration costs are included in your budget.
  • Special rules apply to Subcontracting and for this cost category no overhead may be calculated. This can lead to under funding, for example for the activity RTD a 25% reduction in funds.
  • Please note that according to FP7 financial rules new equipment (Neuanschaffungen) cannot be directly financed. However you have the possibility to charge depreciation costs of all equipment used for the project, as long as the internal rules of the University concerning depreciation are respected. Therefore new equipment may be (at least partially) financed. Please contact Mrs Eva Kramer, Finance & Controlling.

Please contact us as early as possible if you have any questions regarding FP7 budgets.