Proposition for new topics

If you have ideas which fit to the areas and sub-areas of the 7th Framework Programme and you want to propose a topic for a future Work Programme, we ask you to: 

  • Mention an activity headline of the Work Programme (e.g. 2.4.4. Rare diseases)
  • Write your topic proposition in English (10-20 lines), with a title
  • Add a justification (scientific, European research, etc.) in English (max. 30 lines)
  • Mention the other countries / institutes you have contact with regarding this topic
  • if possible propose the type of project (small-scale, coordination or support action etc.)
  • …and send us your proposition. 

We will forward your proposition to our National Contact Point and our member in the Programme Committee.

The same input has to be sent to other Programme Committee members in other countries, e.g. via scientists from these countries.