Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs)

Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs) are Public Private Partnerships designed to enhance collaboration between the public and private sectors; the participating universities and public institutes are financed by the European Commission, the industrial partners are self-financed. Further Information can be found on the FP7 Homepage for JTIs.

Take a look at the forerunners of JTIs, the European Technology Platforms (ETPs).

For both JTIs and ETPs it is important to consult the relevant Research Agenda.


European Economic Recovery Plan - Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)


The European Commission has launched three Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), with the aim of supporting close collaboration with industry within FP7.  


Further technology initiatives with Swiss participation: 


This innovative satellite system will allow an advanced positioning system on all levels and in all areas.

By 2015 aims to demonstrate that commercial energy can be produced from a fusion reactor.