FP7 Work Programmes: Top-Down (defined topics)

The "Work Programmes", which could also be called "Research Agendas", cover all research topics for the "Calls" of the coming year and are updated on a regular basis: "Reflection Papers" with future policy options, "Draft Work Programmes", "Work Programmes".

Here you can find an overview of all Work Programmes. Please consult the two most recent versions. Tip: Certain research topics can be found in Work Programmes of other activity areas [more]

R&D Guides to the activity areas with regularly updated information on objectives, background, funded areas, planned Calls etc.


Overview of top-down (defined topic) activity areas

COOPERATION - Collaborative research   
General: Introduction, Annex 1 (International Co-operation Partner Countries, ICPC), 2, 3, 4

• Health
• Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology
• Information and Communication Technologies
• Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies
• Energy
• Environment (including climate change)
• Transport (including Aeronautics)
• Socio-economic sciences and Humanities
• Security
• Space

For several of the cooperation themes listed above, Orientation Papers (draft work programmes) containing descriptions of all topics expected in the next Call may be available in advance of call.

CAPACITIES - Research capacities  

General: Introduction, Annex 1, 2, 3

 • Science in Society

 • Specific activities of international cooperation (INCO)


On the website of EUresearch Head Office you will find an overview of all thematic domains of FP7. 


This is the process which influences the set up of the Work Programmes. Have a look at our website  which gives a short introduction to this interesting field of activity.