Uni Basel

The following information for the Uni Basel is based on internal rules and regulations, details are provided with regards to:

  • Proposal preparation and Budgeting,
  • Contract Negotiation,
  • financial and administrative management of a project


On the right-hand side of this page you will find a template for the grant preparation forms containing standard information which is request when a successful proposal is invited for project negotiations  e.g.:
- Participant Legal Name: UNIVERSITAET BASEL
- Participant Short Name: UNIBAS
- Legal address of the participant: Petersplatz 1
- etc.


Grants Tool at the University of Basel

For all Third party research projects at the University of Basel it is compulsory to entry the proposal details in the Grants Tool. The tool manages the application process within the University of Basel and includes several different calculation schemes with which the costs for personnel, overhead, VAT and other project costs can be calculated.

It is coupled with the system for opening new financial project accounts (www.drittmittel.unibas.ch) and this means that successful projects with all relevant data can be directly transferred.

Further information.

Link to Grants Tool


Fact Sheet - 7th EU Framework Programme (FP7) 

This fact sheet contains essential information and useful tips for carrying out a FP7-project at the Uni Basel.

Table of content [PDF/75 KB] (latest version: No. 6, August 2013). To receive a copy of this fact sheet please send us an E-mail.



The Forschungsfonds not only provides financial support for young researchers but also research groups who wish to initiate an interdisciplinary collaborative project (e.g. FP7, COST, NCCR, sinergia etc.)