Management - Uni Basel

Managing Funds

Third-party funding acquired by researchers at the University Basel is managed centrally by the  Finance and Controlling department.

All funded projects should have been entered in the Grants Tool during the proposal phase. A project account (Auftrag) can be applied for by changing the status of the project in the Grants Tool to “funded”. The project data is transferred automatically to a “draft” in the Account Web tool. After checking and completing the project information, the project can be submitted to the Finance and Controlling Team.

For personal fellowships or all other special cases, where no record in the Grants Tool is available, please contact Anita Soltermann or Julia Oberfell.

Please note: The account will not be activated until the beginning of the project and until a copy of the relevant project documents (Core Grant Agreement, Annex I) have been received by the Finance and Controlling department.

University of Basel - Bank Account

For Payments in Euro: Basler Kantonalbank, Spiegelgasse, CH-4002 Basel
IBAN: CH3500770016063061123

Account name: Universitäts Vermögen
Bank Code Number: 770, Account Number: 16.0.630.611.23
Contact person for the account: Peter Xander 
phone: +41 61 267 12 28; fax: +41 61 267 13 34

Financial Statement (Form C) and Certificates

If you require a Financial Statement and/or Certificate on the Financial Statement (only required under certain circumstances) for your FP7 project please contact Ms Julia Oberfell. Her contact details can be found in the right-hand column.
Financial Statements are to be signed by Finance & Controlling as well as the Project Leader. Please note that before the relevant report can be issued, Time Sheets signed by the employee(s) concerned and the project leader are required.

Project Extension

Please inform the Finance & Controlling department if your project is extended beyond the original end date. This is very important as the reporting periods and subsequently the requirements for Financial Statements (interim or final report) or Audit Certificates are affected. 

Time Sheets

Only the costs of the actual hours worked by the persons carrying out the work for the project, may be charged to the project. Working time to be charged must be recorded throughout the duration of the project by time sheets, adequately supported by evidence of their reality and reliability. Even Marie Curie fellows are required to fill in time sheets.

The time-records have to be authorised by the project manager or other superior. At the University of Basel, time sheets have to be signed by the researcher and the senior scientist. Please find below time sheet templates for the Uni Basel. Completed Time sheets should be sent to Julia Oberfell from Finance & Controlling.

UniBas time sheet FP7 general

UniBas time sheet Marie Curie

UniBas time sheet ERC